Pistol Standards

The pistol standards I work towards are as follows:

IDPA or IPSC Target w/ Index Card taped to the head box.  The Bonus string is shot at 25 yards, no time constraints, no draw.  All other strings are shot at 7 yards, from concealment with a timer.  SHO/WHO are executed entirely with that hand.  Head shots are 1 point for an index card hit.  Body shots are 1 point for A-zone hits.  Record Time, Points and note any variables.

  • FAST Drill
  • Bonus – 10 shots @ 25 yards.*
  • 3x Draw and fire one head shot, Freestyle
  • 3x Draw and fire one head shot, SHO (Strong Hand Only)
  • 2x Draw and fire one head shot,  WHO (Weak Hand Only)
  • 2x 1 shot, reload, 1 shot, Freestyle
  • 2x 1 shot, reload, 1 shot,  SHO
  • 1x 1 shot, reload, 1 shot,  WHO
  • 1x Bill Drill, Freestyle
  • 1x Bill Drill, SHO
  • 1x Bill Drill, WHO

I’ll get a PDF tracking sheet put together and linked here.

How did these standards develop?

The goal is to isolate the mechanical skills necessary to run a gun efficiently and allow you to track your progress. There’s also some overlap with drills that have a large body of data associated with them (FAST/Bill Drill) and drills serve as a benchmark to actual applicable skills.  The quicker and easier the standards are to administer, the more likely they will be done correctly.  The bare minimum you need is a timer, one target, one index card, a box of ammo +2 rounds and two magazines.

Why all the emphasis on Head shots/SHO/WHO stuff?

Head shots are there to enforce consistency on the draw stroke and accuracy.  If you can make a head shot on the draw, quickly, you can make a body shot even faster.  The SHO/WHO is there because I personally feel it’s not practiced enough.

Here’s where I’m at:

Average Best
FAST 7.856 6.51
HS1.1 2.108 1.85
HS1.2 2.266 2.08
HS1.3 2.008 1.9
HS2.1 2.666 2.59
HS2.2 2.868 2.43
HS2.3 3.37 2.86
HS3.1 4.364 3.66
HS3.2 3.9 3.41
R1.1 4.706 4.34
R1.2 4.952 4.38
R2.1 8.714 7.94
R2.2 9.076 7.42
R3 16.462 9.4
BD1 3.066 2.96
BD2 5.55 4.88
BD3 7.222 6.01
Time 90.48 78.76
Score 36.8 41

My best time was also my best score.  There’s still some consistency issues for me work out, but there you go.  About once a week when I’m doing pistol dry fire I’ll run through this routine twice.


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