Micro Red Dot Sight Placement Pt1

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Part 2
Part 3
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Picking up on a topic from Thursday night:  Hitting a repeatable point of reference while mounting a rifle on the support side shoulder was something markedly slower than when performed strong side.  The obvious solution is to practice more.  E had his RDS mounted all back to his BUIS on his AR.  With experimentation E felt he performed best across the board with his optic mounted as far forward as possible on his free-float rail.  My RDS was mounted on the leading edge of the receiver, and in testing I moved it as far back as possible.  Again, subjectively, I felt my performance was improved.  And so the debate begins…

We both come up with the same “Pro’s” for our respective RDS placement:

  • Quicker to pick the dot up on the initial mount.
  • Quicker to pick the dot up when shooting from compromised positions.

We were able to settle on the “Con’s” of our respective RDS Placements:


  • Excludes magnifier usage.


  • Requires a solid Free Float rail.

The proof being in the pudding – testing criteria is being developed, and numbers will be reported back.

Obviously, we aren’t the first guys to think of this, here are some other opinions –

“Fighting Through the Ring”  Eric Lund/USSA

“Red Dot Site Placed More Forward?” M4Carbine.net

“Anyone Running Optics on Handguard Rails?” Lightfighter.net

Part 2 | Part 3


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