Range Trip 2012-10-14

E and I went out to the range.  We’re getting in all the shooting we can before the weather turns sour.  First up was the IDPA Classifier:

Stage Time Stage Time Stage Time
1.1 2.96 2.1 4.62 3.1 19.04
1.2 2.66 2.2 4.26 3.2 19.73
1.3 2.64 2.3 10.25 3.3 7.12
1.4 5.15 2.4 6.84
1.5 3.44
1.6 7.15
1.7 6.35
t1 3 t1 2 t1 3
t2 1 t2 3 t2 4
t3 2 t3 1 t3 8
Raw Time 30.35 25.97 45.89
Points 6 6 15
Final 33.35 28.97 53.39
Total 115.71

Some immediate obvious observations.  I didn’t shoot fast enough to make it to master.  I felt good with my level of accuracy – today turned out to be a very accurate, but very slow day.  Looking at previous runs, it’s still down to stage 3.  I need to be twice as fast and just as accurate.  All of that being said – I don’t sweat trying to make Master.  It will  come in it’s good time.
We went right from the IDPA Classifier to the regular Standards.

I did 41 points/87.68.  8.4 FAST, 3.12 Bill Drill.  For some reason I wasn’t dialed in for speed today, but I hit everything I aimed at.  E will crunch the numbers on this and provide a thorough assessment.

After that, we verified zeros on our rifles and, like masochists, ran the Defoor Proformance Carbine Standard 2.  I failed the first one on time.  Too much time dicking around at the 100 yard line.  The second and third run I passed.  The fourth run was done weak side but the gas tank was empty – failed on both time and accuracy.  Time for some more weak side love.

After that amazing effort we ran the tests comparing the Forward vs. Mid Mount on an RDS.  More information will be posted later this week regarding that topic.

Last up for the day was a little target discrimination drill.  6 or so index cards per target, each with a letter, number and shape on the.  When given a target, the shooter would turn down range, mount his gun and search out his targets.  It’s fun, and doesn’t take long to set up.  Next time we’re going to throw in a little more action – maybe some movement, weapon manipulation, etc.


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