Micro Red Dot Sight Placement Pt2

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Part 2
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Part 4

E and I met up and compared optic set-ups head to head.  Again, highly subjective, but better than the “on paper” analysis performed previously.

The “standard” mount (forward most position on the receiver) and the rearward mount produced only the slightest differences in handling.  No noticeable downrange occlusion.  For all intents, this formed the baseline.

The forward mount setup was a 13″ rail.  The dot was visible from low-ready, which was interesting.  The dot was very easy to pick up regardless of mounted shoulder.  The dot was easy to pick up in compromised shooting positions.  There was a sliver of downrange occlusion on the dominant eye-side.

Downrange occlusion was tested at 10 yards.  Gun was mounted, focus on the dot and the gun was panned left to right with awareness of the visibility of peripheral objects.  I didn’t see anything that made me want to mount my optic forward.

There was brief discussion of the Scout Rifle concept.  The utility of a long eye relief optic with slight magnification mounted forward on an AR.


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