Dry-Fire Exercises – Pistol

Up first is the safety disclaimer:

This article outlines how I structure my Dry-fire practice – not how to conduct it safely.  Guns are dangerous.  People are stupid.  You are wholly responsible for your actions, not me.  If you want information on how to conduct safe Dry-Fire sessions here are a few excellent resources:

Dry Fire Safety”  by Kathy Jackson, “Cornered Cat”

“Using Dry Fire to Improve Your IDPA Performance” by Claude Werner, “Tactical Journal Volume 9, Issue 2”

Mr. Werner also partnered with I.C.E. to produce an excellent video regarding Dry-Fire.

I like to keep my practices short.  About the same time I’m on my fourth youtube cat video, my light bulb kicks on and I’ll go dry-fire.  Other times, I do it at the tail end of whatever exercise I’m up to that day.
My default is to run through my Pistol Standards twice. By the numbers you get:

  • 14 Freestyle draws
  • 6 Freestyle reloads
  • 58 Freestyle trigger pulls
  • 12 SHO draws
  • 4 SHO Reloads
  • 26 SHO trigger pulls
  • 8 WHO draws
  • 2 WHO Reloads
  • 20 WHO Trigger pulls

When I’m practicing reloads I’ll either kneel or place a chair to catch the dropped mag.  This increases magazine life and speeds reset for the next rep.  I split my trigger pulls between working from reset and working from an indexed trigger finger.

Once a week or so I’ll practice movement.  Getting off the line of attack.  Maneuvering around a chair (convenient stand in for a person.)  Working a doorway, flashlight manipulation and the like.

Focus matters.  If you’re just going through the motions you won’t get anything out of this.


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