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Daily Log 2012-11-28

Heavy bag for 10 minutes, tabata swings, flutter kicks.

Dry fired pistol/rifle.


Daily Log 2012-11-27

Jogged 1.5 miles, 3 sets of 10 four count flutter kicks.

Dryfired pistol, focused on reloads.

Dryfired rifle, focused on mounts w/o armor.

Additional thoughts on the patrol shoot:  Retention is good – even if it’s just friction.  It has to hold under stress.  This is more than the standard DQ/IDPA test (turn upside down and make sure it retains.)  Last patrol shoot I was at someone lost a pistol out of their drop leg holster. This weekends one, it rained a few magazines.  The other thing I noticed was a distinct lack of painted rifles.

I came across this today:

94. The Two Wolves

Daily Log 2012-11-26

Back to the grindstone!

Jogged a mile.  Tabata flutter kicks.

Dry fire pistol, going to work pistol a lot to make up for all that rifle time.

I had a lightning bolt moment.  I’m not sure what it says that I’ve been shooting for as long (not that long) and as much (too much) as I have and can still have “Eureka!” moments.  Normally on my pistol reload I’m an elbow to rib, gun muzzle at 12 o’clock, magwell rotated towards me at the limit available on my forearm. This may have been too aggressive.  Today I had a lapse in awareness, thinking about butterflies or something, and when I came back to the present I was reloading very smoothly.

Gun muzzle was around 11 o’clock with just the slightest inboard twist – the very edge of the magwell was visible.  What this allowed was my magazine hand have a locked wrist and orientation and level even with the magwell.  I’m going to have to run the numbers and check the performance.  More to come!

Winter Patrol Shoot 2012

Weather:  40*, Light precipitation, no wind.

Gear:  Ghetto plate carrier, chest rig, sling, drop leg holster, two pistol belt pouches, one rifle belt pouch, dump pouch, AR15 and Glock.  Mechanix gloves, low cut boots, “performance” base layer, flannel shirt, sweater, surplus rain shell.

Team:  Pick up squad, so there’s some SOP issues.  Everyone ran their gear well, had good muzzle awareness and at the end of the day our smiles were just as big as anyone else.

6 ar mags; 168 rounds of .223, 121 rounds expended.  4 pistol mags; 60 rounds 9mm, 17 used.  You never know how much ammo you’re going to need and honestly this two mags shy of my maximum carriage ability.

Things to change/mind:

Mechanix gloves, not the best for rappelling.  Clothing worked well – I was never cold, and didn’t run too hot.  Next time I’ll probably layer under my PC instead of over it, opting for a soft shell.  Glasses did fog at one point, but thems the breaks.  Mark your mags – I lost a mag doing resets and it was returned to me by end of day.  Protip: load your mags before you get to the shoot.

I didn’t get video of the tower shooting and the rappel – which was probably my best rappel yet.  Here’s the full-kit practice run from the day before.

Here’s the video of the shoot.

Gear porn:

Dry-Fire Exercises – Rifle

The thoughts provided in my Pistol Dry-Fire article apply here as well.  If you haven’t read it, now’s a good time.

Ammo sure isn’t getting any cheaper, and even if you have a super cool pal who reloads on your behalf, you still need to get all the practice in you can.  Primary concerns with the rifle:

  • Rifle mount.
  • Firing positions.
  • Rifle manipulations.

My dry-fire target is a 25m DoD M16-A1 target:

Each evolution is repeated for each shoulder, starting at patrol ready:

Standing, mount and break shot.  Repeat twice each target.
Standing, take a knee and engage 300m target.  Repeat four times.
Standing, go prone, engage 300m target.  Repeat twice.
Standing, go urban-prone, rifle on grounded shoulder, engage 50m target.
Standing, go urban-prone, transition rifle to non-grounded shoulder, engage 50m target.

Using a chair as “cover:”

Face “up-range”, turn, take a knee behind cover, use cover as support, engage 300m target.  Repeat twice.

If I have the motivation to put a chest rig on, I’ll work emergency reloads until I exhaust my loadout.  I’ll repeat this one or two times.

I’ll work type I/II and III malfunction drills.

Rifle work, in my mind, is all about being able to identify the minimum work needed to make a hit on target.  This means knowing how to get into position, and how to sure up a position.  Most of the target work is done on the 300m target – if you have a steady shot on the smallest reference point you’ll be fine when you have the wider margin on a larger target.  The Dry-Fire target was suggested by Claude Werner.

As always, you have to judge your results.  You can dry-fire all you want, but if you aren’t truthful about that slight waver in your sight picture, or that inconsistent cheek weld you aren’t gaining anything from this.

(Long) Weekend Update 2012-11-21

Okay,  A lot going on!

Thanksgiving was great!  The misses made a great turkey, awesome mashed potatoes and so-so stuffing.  We had some company over to help alleviate the food load.

For most of the weekend I had slacked off to just stretching and dry-fire.  Saturday was the Winter Patrol Shoot, which went well.  Sadly when I got home, one of the chickens had been killed by a hawk.  I’ll probably setup some chicken shelters and look into other hawk deterrents.  I can’t blame a hawk for scoring a free meal – that how nature works.  I will seek to change the risk/reward dynamic though.

Black Friday was largely a non-event.  We got some shopping done, but it wasn’t anything frantic.  Almost all of the gift shopping is done.  It’s down to the arts and crafts stuff – which I’ll have to get on pretty darn fast.  Christmas sneaks up on you quicker than you think.

Tomorrow will be a mini-date and then we have plans to grind a surplus turkey for storage.

Next week it’s back to the exercise.  The 5k is done, the patrol shoot is done, I’ll find something to keep me focused.

**This sat in the drafts folder, sorry for the late post**

Daily Log 2012-11-20

Loaded ammo, mags and packed – this weekend is a bi-annual shooting event.  It’s a good time and the only event of it’s sort that I know of.  More details, video, pictures to come.

I dry fired rifle and stretched.  Tomorrow I’ll likely get a short jog in.

Here’s a wandering aside, that will eventually tie into fitness:

My father was a carpenter and spent all day hauling drywall, hanging doors and all these other things activities I grew to hate.  He was up before the sun and home after dark.  No ones life is “Leave it to Beaver” perfect, but my life has been better than most.  Seeing how hard Pop had to work I knew I wanted myself a nice comfy desk job – and I got one.  More than ten years later I am a champion desk jockey.  I trained to sit for most of my twenties and I can sit with the best of them.  Eight hour conference calls, TPS reports and all the rest of it.  For every day I looked out the window and thought “I’m glad I’m in here today” there was another day when I wished I worked outside.

The most fit I have been outside of highschool was somewhere around age 30 where I was unemployed for 3 months and did a short stint as a janitor.  My pants were falling off me; my belt had no more adjustment in it.  I was slim and could bust out pullups, pushups and situps all day long.  I dry-fired so much my jaw ached from mounting my rifle.  There’s value in working with your hands.  Ten years ago I would have laughed at the thought of being excited at getting a wood router.

Anyways, where all this is going is that I’m not in the best shape.  I’m in better shape than I was six months ago, but not as good as I have been.  When I exercise now recovery takes longer.  Case in point, Sunday I had a tight shoulder, Monday I had some sore muscles.  Today my back twinges a smidge when picking up a case of beer.  If I’m planning on wearing 30 pounds of gear and running about this Saturday I’m going to have to take it easy this week.

Exercise, like everything is a matter of risk verse reward.  Being a world class mouse-pusher means that simple things, like running, have the potential for causing me discomfort for days afterwards.  When my ego is involved, the urge to jog just one more block can (and has) outweighed the logical choice to take it easy and get back into it tomorrow.  The need to divorce ego and pride from the decision process is needed.  Luckily, improper choices carry penalties to help correct future behavior.

So there you have it, a bit of a cautionary tale and a smattering of background.

Daily Log 2012-11-19

I did not get a lot of sleep last night, not as much as I should have.  Today was mostly catch up around the house and some coop maintenance.  Black-Friday recon has begun – not a lot that we’ve found.  I’m eye-balling some LED lights and a cat carrier.  How’s that for excitement?

PM on work guns is complete, PM on play guns has begun.

Sporting event later this week, coupled with rain resulted in no exercise.  I did stretch and I dry fired both pistol and rifle.

Weekend Catch Up – 2012-11-16

Picked up wool gloves and some supplemental tri-glides, did some chicken wrangling and yard work.

Did manage to sneak to Saturday night fight club.  Nothing ground breaking: focus mitts, grappling, weapons retention and disarms, reload races and airsoft.  Sunday, one of my shoulders was a little sore, nothing that will slow me down – just confirmation that the work was hard enough.

Sunday was garage reshuffling and  Preventative Maintenance Round 4.

I’m thinking about running a 2 point sling for 2013.  The single point gets a lot of play with mostly due to “near” distance and direct-ish action of our practice.  Today there are plenty of options for convertible 2-to-1 slings.  One of the strengths of the two point slings are the ability to use the sling as a shooting aid.  Most of the convertible single point slings fall flat on this – it’s possible but seldom easy.

The Yearly List

The Firearms and Training industry knows its base.  There’s going to be a whole new crop of warrior widgets and tactical trinkets dangled in front of us.  I’m not one of those folks so busy using my rifle I don’t have time to talk myself into the latest must have performance enhancer.  To stop myself from running down these bunny trails each year I make a list.  The contents of my list has changed over time, gun stuff, outdoor stuff, life stuff, fitness stuff, family stuff.

This keeps me on track throughout the year and lets me track my “needs” through the years.  Reoccuring items indicate they either need to be bumped up in priority or aren’t  neccessary after all.  So, if you have a organizer drawer listed “VFGs” and another listed “J-Frame Grips” filled with every evolution possible, maybe it’s time you made a list too.