The Yearly List

The Firearms and Training industry knows its base.  There’s going to be a whole new crop of warrior widgets and tactical trinkets dangled in front of us.  I’m not one of those folks so busy using my rifle I don’t have time to talk myself into the latest must have performance enhancer.  To stop myself from running down these bunny trails each year I make a list.  The contents of my list has changed over time, gun stuff, outdoor stuff, life stuff, fitness stuff, family stuff.

This keeps me on track throughout the year and lets me track my “needs” through the years.  Reoccuring items indicate they either need to be bumped up in priority or aren’t  neccessary after all.  So, if you have a organizer drawer listed “VFGs” and another listed “J-Frame Grips” filled with every evolution possible, maybe it’s time you made a list too.


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