Weekend Catch Up – 2012-11-16

Picked up wool gloves and some supplemental tri-glides, did some chicken wrangling and yard work.

Did manage to sneak to Saturday night fight club.  Nothing ground breaking: focus mitts, grappling, weapons retention and disarms, reload races and airsoft.  Sunday, one of my shoulders was a little sore, nothing that will slow me down – just confirmation that the work was hard enough.

Sunday was garage reshuffling and  Preventative Maintenance Round 4.

I’m thinking about running a 2 point sling for 2013.  The single point gets a lot of play with mostly due to “near” distance and direct-ish action of our practice.  Today there are plenty of options for convertible 2-to-1 slings.  One of the strengths of the two point slings are the ability to use the sling as a shooting aid.  Most of the convertible single point slings fall flat on this – it’s possible but seldom easy.


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