Daily Log 2012-11-20

Loaded ammo, mags and packed – this weekend is a bi-annual shooting event.  It’s a good time and the only event of it’s sort that I know of.  More details, video, pictures to come.

I dry fired rifle and stretched.  Tomorrow I’ll likely get a short jog in.

Here’s a wandering aside, that will eventually tie into fitness:

My father was a carpenter and spent all day hauling drywall, hanging doors and all these other things activities I grew to hate.  He was up before the sun and home after dark.  No ones life is “Leave it to Beaver” perfect, but my life has been better than most.  Seeing how hard Pop had to work I knew I wanted myself a nice comfy desk job – and I got one.  More than ten years later I am a champion desk jockey.  I trained to sit for most of my twenties and I can sit with the best of them.  Eight hour conference calls, TPS reports and all the rest of it.  For every day I looked out the window and thought “I’m glad I’m in here today” there was another day when I wished I worked outside.

The most fit I have been outside of highschool was somewhere around age 30 where I was unemployed for 3 months and did a short stint as a janitor.  My pants were falling off me; my belt had no more adjustment in it.  I was slim and could bust out pullups, pushups and situps all day long.  I dry-fired so much my jaw ached from mounting my rifle.  There’s value in working with your hands.  Ten years ago I would have laughed at the thought of being excited at getting a wood router.

Anyways, where all this is going is that I’m not in the best shape.  I’m in better shape than I was six months ago, but not as good as I have been.  When I exercise now recovery takes longer.  Case in point, Sunday I had a tight shoulder, Monday I had some sore muscles.  Today my back twinges a smidge when picking up a case of beer.  If I’m planning on wearing 30 pounds of gear and running about this Saturday I’m going to have to take it easy this week.

Exercise, like everything is a matter of risk verse reward.  Being a world class mouse-pusher means that simple things, like running, have the potential for causing me discomfort for days afterwards.  When my ego is involved, the urge to jog just one more block can (and has) outweighed the logical choice to take it easy and get back into it tomorrow.  The need to divorce ego and pride from the decision process is needed.  Luckily, improper choices carry penalties to help correct future behavior.

So there you have it, a bit of a cautionary tale and a smattering of background.


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