(Long) Weekend Update 2012-11-21

Okay,  A lot going on!

Thanksgiving was great!  The misses made a great turkey, awesome mashed potatoes and so-so stuffing.  We had some company over to help alleviate the food load.

For most of the weekend I had slacked off to just stretching and dry-fire.  Saturday was the Winter Patrol Shoot, which went well.  Sadly when I got home, one of the chickens had been killed by a hawk.  I’ll probably setup some chicken shelters and look into other hawk deterrents.  I can’t blame a hawk for scoring a free meal – that how nature works.  I will seek to change the risk/reward dynamic though.

Black Friday was largely a non-event.  We got some shopping done, but it wasn’t anything frantic.  Almost all of the gift shopping is done.  It’s down to the arts and crafts stuff – which I’ll have to get on pretty darn fast.  Christmas sneaks up on you quicker than you think.

Tomorrow will be a mini-date and then we have plans to grind a surplus turkey for storage.

Next week it’s back to the exercise.  The 5k is done, the patrol shoot is done, I’ll find something to keep me focused.

**This sat in the drafts folder, sorry for the late post**


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