Dry-Fire Exercises – Rifle

The thoughts provided in my Pistol Dry-Fire article apply here as well.  If you haven’t read it, now’s a good time.

Ammo sure isn’t getting any cheaper, and even if you have a super cool pal who reloads on your behalf, you still need to get all the practice in you can.  Primary concerns with the rifle:

  • Rifle mount.
  • Firing positions.
  • Rifle manipulations.

My dry-fire target is a 25m DoD M16-A1 target:

Each evolution is repeated for each shoulder, starting at patrol ready:

Standing, mount and break shot.  Repeat twice each target.
Standing, take a knee and engage 300m target.  Repeat four times.
Standing, go prone, engage 300m target.  Repeat twice.
Standing, go urban-prone, rifle on grounded shoulder, engage 50m target.
Standing, go urban-prone, transition rifle to non-grounded shoulder, engage 50m target.

Using a chair as “cover:”

Face “up-range”, turn, take a knee behind cover, use cover as support, engage 300m target.  Repeat twice.

If I have the motivation to put a chest rig on, I’ll work emergency reloads until I exhaust my loadout.  I’ll repeat this one or two times.

I’ll work type I/II and III malfunction drills.

Rifle work, in my mind, is all about being able to identify the minimum work needed to make a hit on target.  This means knowing how to get into position, and how to sure up a position.  Most of the target work is done on the 300m target – if you have a steady shot on the smallest reference point you’ll be fine when you have the wider margin on a larger target.  The Dry-Fire target was suggested by Claude Werner.

As always, you have to judge your results.  You can dry-fire all you want, but if you aren’t truthful about that slight waver in your sight picture, or that inconsistent cheek weld you aren’t gaining anything from this.


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