Winter Patrol Shoot 2012

Weather:  40*, Light precipitation, no wind.

Gear:  Ghetto plate carrier, chest rig, sling, drop leg holster, two pistol belt pouches, one rifle belt pouch, dump pouch, AR15 and Glock.  Mechanix gloves, low cut boots, “performance” base layer, flannel shirt, sweater, surplus rain shell.

Team:  Pick up squad, so there’s some SOP issues.  Everyone ran their gear well, had good muzzle awareness and at the end of the day our smiles were just as big as anyone else.

6 ar mags; 168 rounds of .223, 121 rounds expended.  4 pistol mags; 60 rounds 9mm, 17 used.  You never know how much ammo you’re going to need and honestly this two mags shy of my maximum carriage ability.

Things to change/mind:

Mechanix gloves, not the best for rappelling.  Clothing worked well – I was never cold, and didn’t run too hot.  Next time I’ll probably layer under my PC instead of over it, opting for a soft shell.  Glasses did fog at one point, but thems the breaks.  Mark your mags – I lost a mag doing resets and it was returned to me by end of day.  Protip: load your mags before you get to the shoot.

I didn’t get video of the tower shooting and the rappel – which was probably my best rappel yet.  Here’s the full-kit practice run from the day before.

Here’s the video of the shoot.

Gear porn:


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