Daily Log 2012-11-26

Back to the grindstone!

Jogged a mile.  Tabata flutter kicks.

Dry fire pistol, going to work pistol a lot to make up for all that rifle time.

I had a lightning bolt moment.  I’m not sure what it says that I’ve been shooting for as long (not that long) and as much (too much) as I have and can still have “Eureka!” moments.  Normally on my pistol reload I’m an elbow to rib, gun muzzle at 12 o’clock, magwell rotated towards me at the limit available on my forearm. This may have been too aggressive.  Today I had a lapse in awareness, thinking about butterflies or something, and when I came back to the present I was reloading very smoothly.

Gun muzzle was around 11 o’clock with just the slightest inboard twist – the very edge of the magwell was visible.  What this allowed was my magazine hand have a locked wrist and orientation and level even with the magwell.  I’m going to have to run the numbers and check the performance.  More to come!


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