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Weekend Catchup 2012-12-28

For the most part, I did a whole bunch of nothing.  For that slim portion where I did do stuff it looked like this:

Attempted to wire up the coop light.  I have a few of those solar yard lights that have been run over or chewed on by critters.  I had planned to wire them up and make them into a coop light of sorts.  Turns out, I’m not so good at soldering.  I didn’t burn myself, and didn’t light much on fire, but in the end I went to the hardware store and paid the money for one that works.  The chickens now have an illuminated coup.  Sometime in the future I’ll figure a more permanent mounting solution.

I also made a reverse cant kydex pouch.  The design comes from Desebians GunLeathers’ aptly named RC Mag Pouch.  I don’t see anyone doing pancake style belt looks in Kydex… I don’t know if there’s a reason why – but I’m sure I’ll find out.  Mostly I was just bored.  It came out functional, even looks prettier than my average hack job:




Goddamn that’s a dirty keyboard…

Fight club on Saturday night.  Nothing ground (or jaw) breaking.  Mostly worked on crashing the lines, some in fight weapons retention/access.  I have been doing tabata cycles with the KB and heavy bag, but haven’t been updating the blog.

My 2013 list is coming together.

Tomorrow night is New Years eve.  I’ll be grilling, but don’t know if I’ll make it to midnight.  This years been the best one in memory.  Problems on the horizon, but there always is.


Daily Log 2012-12-25

One tabata set of KB swings, heavy bag work and then mixed.  DF pistol and rifle, emphasis on the draw stroke.

Weekend Catch Up 2012-12-21

No Mayan Zombies 😦

3 tabata sets of kb’s and heavy bag.    DF pistol.

We went to the range this weekend.  It was windy.  Verified zeroes, function tested some things, packed it in.

Car Carry

With regards to guns and cars and being seated etc:

Here’s why you don’t need to draw a gun while in a car:  You have no mobility and no cover.  Carjackers are looking to get into CAR.  Carjackers are not looking to get into a GUN FIGHT.  Carjackers, like all great criminal masterminds, will seek to attack from a position of strength.  This means they intend to capitalize on your lack of mobility and visibility.

The best way to deter a carjacking? Be a hard target.  Lock your doors.  It’s tough to get into a car if you can’t get the door open.  Leave room to maneuver.  It’s tough to get into a car that drives away from you.  Maintain awareness.  Use those mirrors.  When homeboy is doing the math on which car he’s jacking, the 23yr old high and tight with the Oakleys and OIF bumper sticker is getting passed over for the 16yr old wearing earbuds and texting.

Awareness.  Awareness with a capital A.  Know your fellow drivers, you’re going to have to make up for their deficiency.  The guy behind you weaving, driving at 3am with his lights off, vomiting out his window?  Find yourself a different street to drive down.  Stay out of other drivers blind spots.  When you hit that stop light, make like mister bobble head.  What are the other drivers doing?  Where are they looking?  Is the passenger door that just opened on that pickup a problem – or is he checking the load?

About that vehicular mobility.  Double tap those breaks when you start to slow down – the guy behind you may leave you a little extra room.  Stop before cross walks.  If a pedestrian has to walk around your car they may take offense to that.  Know your turning radius.  When the light turns green, give it a three Mississippi (incidentally about the same amount of time it takes to check left and right) before stepping on the gas.

At the gas station, when you’re pumping gas don’t be channelized between the pump your car and the hose.  Wash your windows or at the least move to a spot you have better visibility and mobility.  If you’re waiting for someone, find a parking spot that gives you that minimizes your blind spots and channelizes approaches to you.  When you back into a space your keep your visibility on the area that’s most likely to give you grief and you minimize your unknown space.  When you park headfirst in a space you’re maximizing your unknown space and minimizing your visibility.  If you’re lazy (or efficient) pull through and you get the best benefits of both.  If something gets your spider sense tingling, get a move on.  You’re driving a climate controlled, entertainment system laden magic carpet – go drive around the block a few times.

Back to what got us here – the best gun/way to carry when your driving and in and out of a car all day?


#1.  It’s got to be comfortable.  If it’s not comfortable, you aren’t going to wear it, and then it’s no good to you.

#2.  It has to conceal.  I’m not worried about concealing it when I’m seated, I’m worried about it staying concealed when I get out of the car.  If I have to blouse and do a fashion queen spin every time I get out of the car I might as well open carry.

Why isn’t a second holster in the vehicle a good idea?  Complexity.  You’re committed to performing a draw/reholster cycle in a tight, challenging environment twice every time you get in the vehicle.  This ties back into comfort, because you’re going to start leaving the gun in the truck.  It’s only a quick trip to get a cup of coffee at the 7/11, right?  Your on body holster is going to have to be rigid or things get even more complex (fingering open a holster while trying to get a gun in there while seated?).

Why isn’t an easy on/off holster a good idea?  I love me J-Hooks and soft loops.  I’ve put my gun on in a car frequently.  There is still the occasional botched holster install, and final blousing and belt line eye fucking has to occur while standing.  Also, you look like your fighting a mongoose in your pants while you put the damn thing on in the parking lot.

The Late Unpleasantness

Good posts springing up everywhere on recent events.  Of everything I’ve read, the one getting the link is Kyle Defoors (

Do not forget to think about what happens right of bang.  Sheepdog hard.

Tomorrow, we’ll return to our regularly scheduled program.

Weekend Catchup 2012-12-14

Mostly, did a whole bunch of nothing.  House chores, holiday crafts, cleaned my desk.  Cleaning the desk was big.  Some light exercise here and there, but not much to speak of.

Daily Log 2012-12-13

Reviewed ham material.

Daily Log 2012-12-12

95% better.  While sick I reviewed “Emergency Care and Transportation of the Sick and Injured” by AAOS and “Understanding Firearms Ballistics” by Robert Rinker.  I also watched/snoozed through a whole bunch of camp 80’s horror movies – they’re never as good as you remember.  Tonight I finished resting a bit, worked on sourcing tri-glides, studied for my ham test and hammered the heavy bag and did some swings.

Weekend Catchup 2012-12-07

Not a too productive weekend.  Honey-Do’s, holiday related work and a lot of sleeping, I’m coming down with something.

Daily Log 2012-12-07

Jogged a mile, 90 seconds of KB swings and some time on the bag.