The Book Shelf

I’ve read a lot of less then great shooting/defense related books.  The ones below are the ones still on the book shelf:

The Gift of Fear – Gavin DeBecker  Deals with pre-event indicators of violence and mindset.

Book of the Five Rings – Miyamoto Musashi A wonderful adventure tale about a hobbit tasked with… Ancient wisdom on winning conflict.  

Training at the Speed of Life – Ken Murray Focused on developing realistic training, this book begins with an excellent over view of the OODA Loop and crisis decision making.

Condition to Win – Wes Doss Over uses the word “Warrior”, but provides great insight into the components of mental performance.

Practical Shooting: Beyond Fundamentals – Brian Enos  Kind of zen like, but very applicable.  This is my bible to shooting – I can turn to any page, read, think and learn.

Shooting from Within – J Michael Plaxico Less zen-like, more skill based.  I enjoy the section on building skills and identifying failure points.

Surgical Speed Shooting – Andy Stanford This book deals with the strict mechanics of shooting fast and accurately.  Not a lot of fluff.

Understanding Firearms Ballistics – Robert Rinker General reference, and I’ll be spending more time re-reading this.

Green Eyes, Black Rifles – Kyle Lamb A solid treatise on all aspects of the AR-15.

There’s a few other books that deal with different disciplines.  I’ll tackle those another time.


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