Micro Red Dot Sight Placement Pt4

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Part 4

I forget where I heard it first, but there’s story goes like this:

Happily married couple.  Doing well, living large.  Every time the wife cooks a roast, she cuts a few inches off the end off it before cooking it.  The husband asks his wife “Why?” and the answer is that it’s what her mother always did, just another step in the cooking process.  At a family holiday, the husband asks his mother-in-law about cutting the end off the roast.  The mother-in-law says matter of factly “It was the only way to get the roast to fit in the oven.”

So there you go, a butchered story about dogma. Sometimes you have to question why it is you do something.  In mid-October E had bumped his RDS up to the front of his rifle.  We sandboxed it, tested it at the range, played around with it.  There’s been a lot of dry-fire between then and now and E’s opted to move his sight back to the more traditional forward edge of the receiver.  I just wanted to give him some kudos for challenging the traditional beliefs and doing the leg work.


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