The 13 in 13 Challenge

Over at TSP, Jack’s been talking about this “13 in 13 Challenge.”  A commitment to learn or refine 13 skills in 2013.  There’s a link to a spiffy website that’s been setup if you want to play along at home: While digging up the link for that I found Save Our Skills (  Their podcast looks like an interesting and episodes are downloading now.

For my 13 skills I’m looking towards:

  1. Ham Tech License
  2. GSW 1st Aid training
  3. Physical Fitness (Cont.)
  4. Long Range Marksmanship
  5. Reloading
  6. Orienteering
  7. Cleaning and butchering game (Chickens, I’m looking at you.)
  8. Deer Hunting
  9. Sewing
  10. Joinery and Finish Carpentry
  11. Playing the Harmonica
  12. Playing Pathfinder (the Wife is making me, honest.)
  13. Fermentation and Cheese Making.




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