Weekend Catchup 2012-12-28

For the most part, I did a whole bunch of nothing.  For that slim portion where I did do stuff it looked like this:

Attempted to wire up the coop light.  I have a few of those solar yard lights that have been run over or chewed on by critters.  I had planned to wire them up and make them into a coop light of sorts.  Turns out, I’m not so good at soldering.  I didn’t burn myself, and didn’t light much on fire, but in the end I went to the hardware store and paid the money for one that works.  The chickens now have an illuminated coup.  Sometime in the future I’ll figure a more permanent mounting solution.

I also made a reverse cant kydex pouch.  The design comes from Desebians GunLeathers’ aptly named RC Mag Pouch.  I don’t see anyone doing pancake style belt looks in Kydex… I don’t know if there’s a reason why – but I’m sure I’ll find out.  Mostly I was just bored.  It came out functional, even looks prettier than my average hack job:




Goddamn that’s a dirty keyboard…

Fight club on Saturday night.  Nothing ground (or jaw) breaking.  Mostly worked on crashing the lines, some in fight weapons retention/access.  I have been doing tabata cycles with the KB and heavy bag, but haven’t been updating the blog.

My 2013 list is coming together.

Tomorrow night is New Years eve.  I’ll be grilling, but don’t know if I’ll make it to midnight.  This years been the best one in memory.  Problems on the horizon, but there always is.


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