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Weekly Catchup 2013-02-22

Still holding my breath on the new job.  I’ve been ruminating on it.  Half rationally – understanding the needs of the organization and their selection of who they feel the best candidate would be.  The other half is all ego and pride.  I know I outperform the other folks at my level, and I know I bring unique skills to the table.  I do feel taken advantage of and to some extent that’s okay.   I’ve put on my show, ball’s in their court.  All of these thoughts, lying awake at night, grinding my teeth in silence, are self defeating.  I’ve spent so much energy exploring how I’ll feel and what options are available should I not be selected I don’t know what I’ll do if I am selected.  Way to plan to fail.

I’ve been alternating exercise between heavy days of KB exercise and heavybag work, and then recovery days with just Turkish get-ups.

The cat has no sense of smell.  Catnip does nothing for her and treats need to be visually indicated.  She plays half of catch – she’ll chase down anything you throw, but isn’t so sharp at the retrieving.  Me and the wife had talked about training her to retrieve – because playing “catch” would be a lot better than playing “throw.”  We’ve started with a clicker and treats to get a positive association built.  More information as the project continues.



Weekly Catchup 2013-02-11

Range day!

E and I went out on Monday for the first time in a few months.  Zeroed 22’s and verified AR zeros.  After that we did some pistol work.  High points of the day were 2.99 Bill Drill and a 5.72 FAST – neither was the “cold” run.  These scores came after setting myself up for success – the extra jacket came off and all the range crap (spare mags, tape, etc) came out of my sweaters kangaroo pocket.  Unencumbered I was able to put “Summer Time” scores in the book.  After that we put on plates and ran some simple movement drills with the ARs.

Exercise for the week saw extended heavy bag sessions and a focus on the kettlebell snatch.  I need to start moderating my diet – I am getting fat.  On the home front, the cat got the first part of her cat condo built and the wife got a soil-blocker.  Both were fun projects while we had some awesome weather.  More snow expected this week.


Weekly Catchup 2013-02-04

New format.  Instead of the low content/daily updates I’ll just do a weekly update.

This week was the end of a long project at work.  I did a lot of OT.  What will I do now that this project is complete?  I honestly don’t know – but I’ve started sending out resumes.  My goal is one a night, and should no suitable positions be posted then polish can be applied, cover letters built and T’s crossed while I’s are dotted.  There’s another phase of the project starting and I hope to get picked up for it – but I’m not willing to wait in the salt mines until (and if) that happens.

Committing to a year with a two point sling.  It’s easy enough to convert to a single point if the situation dictates.  Why the change?  There’s  a bunch of really switched on people who run 2 points, and they don’t have any complaints.  I still like the convertible slings, but most of them behave well as a single point but fall apart in the 2-point/quick-adjustment category.  I’ve been a pretty staunch single point guy – but maybe just because I haven’t found the right two point sling.  The sling pattern used in January proved good enough that I made 7 more (from good quality webbing and ITW hardware) for the cost of  a single popular name brand slings.  Three went to E, the remaining I have use for.

Speaking of E, fight club on Sunday.  Worked on boxing defense, in-fight weapon access and striking.  I need to find a good mat solution so we can get back to the ground.  Take-downs are something lacking in the tool box.  Kettlebell weight bumped up.  Today I did a tabata with it and I’m feeling that good soreness.   Need to work on getting into and out of positions with the rifle.  I also plan on stitching up a summer holster, subcompact season will be here before I know it.

My darling is dreamer of spring.  This week I have to make a soil blocker.  Chickens are doing good.  The cat is back to chasing her tail and enriching my life.

Daily Log 2013-02-03

Time flies.  Another set of the standard:  2 tabata cycles, 4 rounds on the heavy bag.  I plan on moving to a 30lb weight in the near future and getting a little more variety in my exercises.  Work project is still going.