Weekly Catchup 2013-02-04

New format.  Instead of the low content/daily updates I’ll just do a weekly update.

This week was the end of a long project at work.  I did a lot of OT.  What will I do now that this project is complete?  I honestly don’t know – but I’ve started sending out resumes.  My goal is one a night, and should no suitable positions be posted then polish can be applied, cover letters built and T’s crossed while I’s are dotted.  There’s another phase of the project starting and I hope to get picked up for it – but I’m not willing to wait in the salt mines until (and if) that happens.

Committing to a year with a two point sling.  It’s easy enough to convert to a single point if the situation dictates.  Why the change?  There’s  a bunch of really switched on people who run 2 points, and they don’t have any complaints.  I still like the convertible slings, but most of them behave well as a single point but fall apart in the 2-point/quick-adjustment category.  I’ve been a pretty staunch single point guy – but maybe just because I haven’t found the right two point sling.  The sling pattern used in January proved good enough that I made 7 more (from good quality webbing and ITW hardware) for the cost of  a single popular name brand slings.  Three went to E, the remaining I have use for.

Speaking of E, fight club on Sunday.  Worked on boxing defense, in-fight weapon access and striking.  I need to find a good mat solution so we can get back to the ground.  Take-downs are something lacking in the tool box.  Kettlebell weight bumped up.  Today I did a tabata with it and I’m feeling that good soreness.   Need to work on getting into and out of positions with the rifle.  I also plan on stitching up a summer holster, subcompact season will be here before I know it.

My darling is dreamer of spring.  This week I have to make a soil blocker.  Chickens are doing good.  The cat is back to chasing her tail and enriching my life.


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