Weekly Catchup 2013-02-22

Still holding my breath on the new job.  I’ve been ruminating on it.  Half rationally – understanding the needs of the organization and their selection of who they feel the best candidate would be.  The other half is all ego and pride.  I know I outperform the other folks at my level, and I know I bring unique skills to the table.  I do feel taken advantage of and to some extent that’s okay.   I’ve put on my show, ball’s in their court.  All of these thoughts, lying awake at night, grinding my teeth in silence, are self defeating.  I’ve spent so much energy exploring how I’ll feel and what options are available should I not be selected I don’t know what I’ll do if I am selected.  Way to plan to fail.

I’ve been alternating exercise between heavy days of KB exercise and heavybag work, and then recovery days with just Turkish get-ups.

The cat has no sense of smell.  Catnip does nothing for her and treats need to be visually indicated.  She plays half of catch – she’ll chase down anything you throw, but isn’t so sharp at the retrieving.  Me and the wife had talked about training her to retrieve – because playing “catch” would be a lot better than playing “throw.”  We’ve started with a clicker and treats to get a positive association built.  More information as the project continues.



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