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Weekend Catchup 2013-03-22

Not a lot to say.  I’ve been slowly ramping up my jogging.  The heavy bag’s taken a back seat, I still drill on it, but I’m not necessarily going the duration I was in winter.  Alternating longer jogs and dryfire with shorter jogs and swings.  There’s a lot of other work to get done as well.  Garlic is coming up nicely, as are the tulips.  There’s a half dozen garden boxes to be made, soil to be mixed for them and a green house to be put up.  This is on top of the general yard maintenance, planting and house stuff.


Weekly Catchup 2013-03-15

Cleaned up the yard and got it ready for spring.  Chicken Fence mk3 was installed, and should keep those little devils corralled.  Other spring cleaning stuff got done inside.  This next week I’ll get some jogging in and more DF practice.

Weekly Catchup 2013-03-8

A mixed range trip this weekend.  Zeroed the 22.  It’s a great little 50 yard tack driver.  Time to explore the effects of windage and drop on 22lr and reap the benefits of a cheap practice.  Pistol work was minimal, turned in a flat 6 on the FAST.  For some additional fun we gathered a few other metrics – I averaged a 6.75 on the 40y sprint and a 7′ 2″ broad jump.  Gravel isn’t the best thing to be jumping and running on, but it was good enough.  Then the rifles came out.  I had done some tactical dress-up work on my rifle, and wanted to re-verify my zero.

There is no knob on a rifle that makes you a better shooter.

I couldn’t group for shit.  E was able to confirm that the problem was with the indian and not the bow.  Eventually I eked out something resembling a group and zeroed and then confirmed it.  Flinch was absolutely the problem.  Likewise, when the mental switch was thrown and I knew I had an empty chamber I was as rock solid as I am on my dry-fire.  Doubling up the earpro and ball/dummy drill is on tap for the next range visit.  I have to work this nonsense out of my system.

As mentioned 2/22, I was fixing to get a new job, last week I was passed over.  Again.  I wasn’t as upset as I could have been – probably all that negative self-talk softening the blow.  The cat tree was the highlight of my week.  I spent a lot of time in the garage burning energy.  A tired, angry, sloppy hook gave me a sharp reminder that punches are serious business and need to be executed properly to protect the wrist and fingers.

I gladly trade an hour of sleep on Sunday for more light in the day.  I think it’s time to get back to jogging.


Weekly Catchup 2012-03-01

Spring is almost here.  Cat tree is a success:

Cat Tree