Weekly Catchup 2013-03-8

A mixed range trip this weekend.  Zeroed the 22.  It’s a great little 50 yard tack driver.  Time to explore the effects of windage and drop on 22lr and reap the benefits of a cheap practice.  Pistol work was minimal, turned in a flat 6 on the FAST.  For some additional fun we gathered a few other metrics – I averaged a 6.75 on the 40y sprint and a 7′ 2″ broad jump.  Gravel isn’t the best thing to be jumping and running on, but it was good enough.  Then the rifles came out.  I had done some tactical dress-up work on my rifle, and wanted to re-verify my zero.

There is no knob on a rifle that makes you a better shooter.

I couldn’t group for shit.  E was able to confirm that the problem was with the indian and not the bow.  Eventually I eked out something resembling a group and zeroed and then confirmed it.  Flinch was absolutely the problem.  Likewise, when the mental switch was thrown and I knew I had an empty chamber I was as rock solid as I am on my dry-fire.  Doubling up the earpro and ball/dummy drill is on tap for the next range visit.  I have to work this nonsense out of my system.

As mentioned 2/22, I was fixing to get a new job, last week I was passed over.  Again.  I wasn’t as upset as I could have been – probably all that negative self-talk softening the blow.  The cat tree was the highlight of my week.  I spent a lot of time in the garage burning energy.  A tired, angry, sloppy hook gave me a sharp reminder that punches are serious business and need to be executed properly to protect the wrist and fingers.

I gladly trade an hour of sleep on Sunday for more light in the day.  I think it’s time to get back to jogging.



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