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Weekend Catchup 2013-04-04

No update last week – my head hasn’t really been in the game lately.  I’ve been running maybe twice a week and knocking out a few sets with the kettlebell every few days.  DF has been minimal – mostly just working on the press out with the pistol.

This weekend we built garden boxes.  We were talking more 4×2′ boxes, but when I did the math I figured 4×3′.  We have some lumber left over, so a few more boxes will get made.  E and I also made some plate stands/rifle holders.  Lesson learned – any beer open when the router is running will be ruined by saw dust.  This was the first time I hadn’t done rough wood work – faces were sanded, edges bevelled and a legitimate effort towards being visually appealing.  It was even stained.  In the end, every little imperfection stands out – but they are functional.  I’ll may redo the top piece – I sweat it was level when it was put together:


Update 2013-04-10

Squared up the vertical post and added a new top piece: