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YIR 2013

In a nutshell, I got fat and I got lazy.

The BEST of 2013:

FAST – 5.72
Bill Drill -2.99

IDPA Classifier Marksman, SSP!

That’s right, I packed on 40 some seconds to my Classifier score.  Three things,  I didn’t dry fire enough, I didn’t live fire enough (4 range trips in 2013) and I got lazy.  That last range trip was the same one we ran the classifier.  I shot no clean Bills or FASTs.  It might have been an off day – but performance on demand is one of those traits I very much appreciate.  Shooting is very much a perishable skill and it doesn’t require so much upkeep as to be inconvenient.

For my 13 in 13 I had listed:

  1. Ham Tech License
  2. GSW 1st Aid training
  3. Physical Fitness (Cont.)
  4. Long Range Marksmanship
  5. Reloading
  6. Orienteering
  7. Cleaning and butchering game (Chickens, I’m looking at you.)
  8. Deer Hunting
  9. Sewing
  10. Joinery and Finish Carpentry
  11. Playing the Harmonica
  12. Playing Pathfinder (the Wife is making me, honest.)
  13. Fermentation and Cheese Making.

Of which I accomplished… nothing.  Now – I did do some carpentry, but no joinery and nothing coming close to “finish.”  A lot of rough, but functional stuff got done.  I also flirted with fermentation and canning, mostly helping the wife.  Some things not on the list:

Knife making.  This activity stole my heart and attention, and it’s a skill I’m going to continue to develop.  There will be some posts in 2014 about the progression of knife design I’ve gone through.

I’ve replaced switches and outlets – standard home owner fare.  This year I also changed an electrical breaker.  Not a huge thing, but one of those tasks that I feel accomplished for having done.

The pocket FAK was carried every day I wore pants.  It does take up an entire pocket.  Amazon has listings for Z-fold Combat Gauze that isn’t $80 – so I’m going to jump on that wagon and see how a slimmed down FAK does.  I did take the time to re-familiarize myself with SWAT-T, CAT-T, TK4 and the Israeli Bandage.

Goals for 2014?

Raise up another batch of Chickens.  (There will be a story on that in late February.)

Get down to 200lbs.  210 and might be more reasonable, but I might as well shoot for the moon.

Break 5 seconds on a FAST.

Classify Expert in the IDPA Classifier.

Get harder, better, faster, stronger.

Extend food and water stores.


2013-12-01 General Update

I was checking the trunk bags today and thought I should get back on this blogging thing.  I’m going to commit to 52 blog posts in 2014, we’ll see how that works out.