04-24-2014 Always forward.

Stilling pulling a lot of weight.  Fight club on Monday (Thanks Abe and George!)   Dry fire has been very regular.  In just two weeks I’ve seen my strong hand only work improve.

The latest Dry-Fire routine is Paul Sharp’s super simple basic set – From ready gun 10 reps SHO, 10 reps WHO.  From concealment 10 reps SHO, 10 reps WHO.  There’s no reloading, no movement – so yeah, there are some gaps.  On the upside is it takes 5 minutes to run though.  If I’m not wearing pants (heh) I’ll do the concealment reps starting at the traditional #2 position.

One of the hidden strengths of this simple routine is it gets you into motion.  After my 40, if I still have slack time I’ll work reloads and movement.  It’s a lot more likely that I’ll take the 5 minutes to run through the set and then take another five to work on reloads then it is that I’ll block ten minutes off.

Chicks this weekend.  They’re keeping the cat occupied and tweeting happily in the office.


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