Frankenglock – Tuning the magazine release.

My hands are well sized.  I’ve found that I with my master grip – the one that enables recoil management and trigger pull – I can reach the Glock magazine release.  I couldn’t quite actuate it.  This resulted in having to lose that master grip during reloads and re-establish it afterwards.  I would like to say this always happened, but testing has proved otherwise.

There are extended magazine releases available.  In my opinion the OEM was too big.  It aggravated grip under recoil.  TangoDown and Larry Vickers have released two versions of an extended magazine that are longer then the OEM stock – but less so then OEM extended.  Retail on the Vickers release is ~$17, on an Extended OEM it’s $4.  With more than a few pistols to upgrade tweaking the extended OEM part was the way for me to go.

Removing the magazine release is very easy.  It requires the slide removed from the frame and a small flathead screw driver.  This action will be performed repeatedly as you test your fit.  I had ordered one additional release to sacrifice for sanding down too far while fitting – establishing a floor of usability.

Belt sanders remove material fast and files remove material surgically.  It was a half dozen cycles of material removed, installed, tested, uninstalled.  Once I had a release that provided advantage over the stock OEM part, but was not larger then it needed to be  I cut ridges in using a hacksaw blade.  During multiple dry fire cycles I used the tuned release and did not experience any adverse effects.  I was able to maintain my master firing grip and manage reloads.  After the initial proving I moved to field testing with my carry gun.  Over the course of a few physical days (and the resulting naps) I had no “in holster” magazine releases.  Satisfied with these results I replicated the tuned release for my remaining guns, installed and tested each.

The numbers at a glance:

Glock’s “Extended” magazine releases are the standard 45/10mm magazine releases.

Stock OEM – 0
Extended OEM +.75
Vickers Extended GMR-01 +.05
Vickers Extended GMR-02 +???
Tuned –


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