2014-04-07: Get Awesome, Rage Hard, Break Things

Chicks are out in the coop.  Exercise has been steady, DF maybe a bit sporadic.  I fabricated a  quick-cuff-style sling for the 22.  I’m still digging the adjustable two point on the AR’s.  Spent a while programming my HAM manually – getting the reps in so I can remember to how to operate it.  Some day this summer I’ll cram for the test and take it.  Garden has been started.


Unexpected range trip on Tuesday.  Ran a G19 with stippling.  Primarily I was instructing a new shooter and maintaining range safety, but I did have a chance to get a few runs in.  Bill Drill @ 3:07 (-1).  FASTs at 6.89 (-3) and 6.42 (-1) –  Missed the index card.  I was focused on shooting as fast as I could, and not about shooting accurately enough.  The lesson of the day is I think one range trip a month is the minimum to maintain proficiency if supplemented with dryfire.  New Goal for 2014 is to migrate away from rifle hs/ld and refocus on the pistol.



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