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2015 YIR

The last few years I’ve been keeping a note book.  It’s mostly odds and ends, knife sketches, plans, directions etc etc.  Even when I’m not keeping a record here on the blog, it’s still being done.  The great part of this yearly journal is I can look back over the years and see how things have changed. The first page of the 2015 book was Goals:

Lose Weight
A perennial goal.  I was as high as 240lbs, goal was 210lbs, I am now 230lbs.  I can argue some change in muscle mass, but overall I’m not satisfied with where I am.  This goal will persist.

Solar Power
This goal was nebulous – but start high level and work down to the details.  Initially I was looking to be able to recharge battery powered tools.  Scope increased to charge batteries for my HF rig.  This goal is partially met.  I have the means to charge power tool batteries.  This goal persists because of an increased scope.

General License
Done, onto the next phase.

General Gear
Done, still room for improvement – onto the next phase.


308 Rifle and Glass
Not done, HF radio stuff stole the focus.  Persisting on.

Make a Spear
.22 Revolver

Preface this with, I live in the city.  I have this idea of urban critter pacification, in particular when it comes to defending the chicken coop.  I don’t want to go hands on with a critter, but I will pin it in place and use a CB cap to punch its tickets.  This is a laughable “it would be cool to make a spear” type goal.  The revolver is a nice touch.  This goal will persist, I expect the spear to maybe happen in 2016, the revolver is a target of opportunity.

8 Range Mags
2 Practice Mags
I have dedicated, hi-viz range magazines that I will use unto destruction.  I also have 2 practice magazines, rendered incapable of holding a bolt open or feeding rounds for dry-fire practice.

Base Layers and Blankets
Rain Pants and Poncho
Headgear and Gloves
I have this idea that I want to be comfortable in the back country in the winter.  I currently don’t have an optimal setup to support that.

Allen Wrenches
I’m not sure why this is on the list?

Dental Stuff
General Health Stuff
Done and done.

~40lb KB
I currently jump from 35lbs to 50lbs.  This is all well in fine for doing swings, but it’s murder on things like TGUs or Windmills.  At some point I’ll get a weight somewhere in between these two.  Until then though, it’s high weight low reps or low weight high reps.



Why hello there!

Lets kick the dust of this and get back to business.  I had started contributing over on but things there just didn’t work out.  Too much Ebola/Tinfoil, not enough good living.  I will back fill with some of my 2015 adventures and get a 2015 YIR going as well as the 2016 goals.