2016 Goals

So 2015 shook out pretty well.  What’s on the table for 2016?  Specific course of action and milestone information to come.

The hold overs from 2015:

Lose Weight
210 again…  Why didn’t this work out in 2015?  Because I am a caloric vacuum cleaner that hydrates with alcohol.  Why’s this going to work in 2016?  Small steps and maybe some life style changes.  Slow it down on the booze, get back to a regular sleep schedule, change up the portions.

Super Hero Maintenance
I hate cardio.  Time to do more of it.  Goal is 30 minutes twice a week.
Two KB sessions a week.
Two “strict” DF sessions a week.  One “ninja” DF session a week.

Solar Stuff
Looking to increase my on-hand batteries.  Also looking to get a backpackable solar solution for keeping the HF rig charged while on the go.

The new or expanded stuff for 2015:

Learn CW
This might be the new type of goal… a little hardware and a little software.  Anyways, CW is like digital – but analog.  The ability to pass information with relative low power in poor band conditions without relying on additional hardware (Signallink and Modem.)  This is a commitment, and I don’t think it’s like riding a bicycle.

Commo Book

I’m going to set to work on a dedicated commo book.  Freq’s, schedules, etc.  All in one place, ready to go with the radio.  Easily shared, easily printed.

Yaesu 857 Appliance Operators Guide
As I was learning my radio, I took some notes.  I’ll get those notes a little streamlined and a little published.  Largely, it’s nothing that isn’t in the manufacturers printed manual, but will be set up in a crawl/walk/run and contextual manner.

Hiking and radios?  Yes, lets give this a try.

Get a New Job
I work with a lot of great people, but there are some organizational things that I don’t think are surmountable.  I’m going to get ahead of the depression train, though, and start looking for new work before I burn out completely.

Training Plates
Pick up a set of AR500 plates for training.  The ceramic plates are fine, functional and good.  I’m going to save them for when there’s ill intent involved.  The AR500 plates for range time and the occasional man-card exercise renewel will be plenty good and less likely to fracture.

Up the CCW Game
I’m going to increase my NPE capabilities.  Also waiting for an AIWB+ Light solution that will work with current equipment.

Write More
I’m going to work on a novella – the sort of thing that’s been started a half dozen times but never made it past 5 pages.  I’m also going to publish an article here, at least twice a month.  Promise.


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