Fear The Shopping List

A pal has recommended Fear The Walking Dead.  I’m working my way through the second episode now.  I’m a mild TWD fan (read the comics right up until Carl got shot – and lived) and caught up to the current TV show.

Bear in mind, you get out of this exercise what you put into it.  The more realistic you are, the better your return on investment.  Because the problems we face are complex we can’t take into account every variable.  The answers we come up to these problems may be worthless – but the process by which we get to those answers is where the real value lies.

Anyways, I’m not getting into the should haves and shouldn’t haves of fictional characters in fantastic situations, what I am going to scenario is this:


You have two hours heads-up on a suitable SHTF event.  This is a no-doubt, all-in situation.

Situation A: You’re going to bug in.  How long does it take you gather up your dependents?  What’s you shopping list?  What are your actions-on?

Situation B: You’re bugging out. How long does it take you gather up your dependents?  What’s you packing list?  What are your actions-on?


Here’s the So-So Samurai setup.  At the house we have a comfortable 2 months worth of food and water.  I’m not hip to our waste volume, but I’m going to suggest we can manage 3 months of sanitary waste before we’re squatting in the back yard.  Sun permitting we can triage electric needs.  We are deficient in winter heating (to be remedied in 2016.)

Situation A:  I am blessed to be within a half hour of home.  My dependents are closer then that.  My shopping list:  Home Depot Plywood, Lumber (plywood and econostuds), hand tools, Nails, Screws.  Grocery Store:  Medicine (cold relief, pain relief, first aid supplies), soap, canned goods, water, fire logs and charcoal.  Actions on: Notify the folks that need it.  Engage the locals.  Secure our chickens.  Pack one vehicle for bug out.  Pack two bags for bug out.

Situation B: Again, minimal time collecting dependents and getting back home.  Our bug-out supplies would include our camping and hiking gear, which is prepacked and ready to go.  Personal documents, radio gear, make some determinations regarding the chickens – we could take them with us.  Quick planning session on where we’re bugging out and routes.

Situation A I’m feeling pretty good.

Situation B identified some soft work to be done.  There are not so many ways out of the area that I can’t manage an hours worth of planning in any direction.

I’m also working out some comm plans with the folks near enough to worry about, but far enough not to reach to easily.


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