As tends to be the case, when my wife comes down ill I follower her about a week later.  This was no different.  Co-incidentally it lined up with a rest week from exercise.

After last weeks post, I hashed out a commo plan with E.  VHF/UHF with freqs, windows and plans for both infrastructure and no infrastructure.  As part of this we’re going a little science to figure out what we can expect as far as signal propagation.  This also prompted the development of a UV5r cheat sheet – meant to be Index Card sized and provide a quick guide to common tasks.

I’ve also started work on my commo binder.  This includes gathering up the local VHF/UHF repeater, net and club information and HF net information (ARES, AMRRON etc).

I’ve started studying for the Extra exam.  Next test is late Feb, we will see how ready I can get.  CW training has stalled out.  I will rig my radio up to my pc to record CW traffic and begin working on copying actual traffic in conjunction with Koch-method type reinforcement.


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