The Uncertain Future

A friend asked me to gaze into the crystal ball and make some predictions:

Confirmation Bias is strong and too many of us are too willing to fall to its siren song.  I tend to a Pro 2A, Pro LEO bias.  Other folks may tend towards a #BLM and/or “Fuck the Police” bias…

..and like that I had 1000 words that amounts to big pile of nothing.  Here’s the skinny.  It’s the same it’s always been. There will be no big water-shed SHTF event.  The beginning is right now, but there will never be a giant shift.  It’s going to be a slow shift.  The rich get richer, the poor get poorer.  The frequencies and types of utility and service shortages/interruptions will increase.

If this directly impacts you, you’ll know it.  If this doesn’t directly impact you, you’ll figure it out when you when you get caught in the bad part of town.  Plan accordingly.

What can you do about this?  At a national level: nothing.  It’s time to engage at a local level.


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