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2016 YIR

Here’s a link for the original 2016 Plan.

How’d this actually work out?

Lose Weight:

Nope!  I’m still somewhere around 230lbs.  My belt size is down 1″, and my definition is up.  I still drink like a fish and eat like a manic depressive.  I have upped my fitness in attempt to compensate.  To be clear, diet is *the* key factor in weightloss.  To counteract a single beer or candy bar would take an hour of high intensity work.

Super Hero Maintenance:

Not bad.  I’m in decent cardio shape, doing a 2 mile “jog” every week and another half hour on the elliptical once a week.  Earlier in the year I had tackled the “6 week to Freak” program, which resulted in decent body transformation.  Late in the year I fell across an Olympic bar and weights.  DF sessions once a week, mostly focusing on pistol.

Solar Stuff:

Did not manage a decent “backpackable solution.”  However, my portable game is strong.  Upgraded from 18ah to 40ah.  Moved my solar solution into a road-worthy portable box and am working on a decent “PV Box” to keep those 40 amp hours easily maintained and used.

Learn CW:
Morse Toad helped a lot.  It got me the buy in to commit to Morse Mentor (both are Android Apps).  I went through Morse Mentor once at 15wpm.  Eventually I started to listen to real QSO’s and the biggest problem I came across was finding ~15wpm QSO’s.  I double down on Morse Mentor and went up to 20wpm.  I’m still working through it at that speed.  I need to get a key of some sort so I can transmit.  If I can manage one QSO a week that should hammer everything down.

Commo Book:

This is 80% done.  The remaining 20% is the always updating, always working portion of the job.  I’ve gotten my Digital game going pretty well, but need to update the book to match.  All in all, things are going well here.

Yaesu 857 Appliance Operators Guide:

Have not touched this at all.  I’ve done some work (see above) but nothing on this level.


Have not attempted.  The infrastructure is in place.  I should tap my Elmer to get the extra “unf” to make this happen.

Get a New Job:

I got close on this.  Two things stopped me – the A1 “Better Job” had a last minute change of heart.  No problem, it happens.  I’d rather be told they opted not to hire for the position then to get laid off a month after getting hired on.  The second event was a huge re-org at work.  It’s not better – but the vision is there.  I’m okay with staying on board and seeing how things turn out.

Training Plates:

This is still on the table, but hasn’t happened yet in 2016.

Up the CCW Game:

Yes and no.  I am carrying every day.  That’s an improvement.  The RCS Eidolon is 100% worth the money.  I say this as someone who makes leather and kydex holsters for personal use, and hasn’t purchased a CCW holster in 5+ years.  My CCW game has improved, and in 2017 it’s going to get better.

Write More:

Nope.  My commitment to the blog wasn’t outstanding, but I still fell short.  A lot of it was the motivation to write decent articles and not the “Training Log” posts I had in the past.  The novella was started but never progressed past the first 20 pages that I have rewritten over and over.

In a nutshell:

Fitness-wise: I am better in 2016 then I was in 2015.  I have every expectation of being better in 2017 then I was in 2016.

HAM-wise: I am better in 2016 then I was in 2015 and again expect this to continue into 2017.

Shooting-wise: No improvement was made from 2015 to 2016.  Short comings have been addressed and I expect to be better in 2017 than I was in 2016.  (More information to follow.)

Preparedness-wise:  In general, we are better than we were previously.  I plan on implementing projects, purchases and methods to increase our ability to manage short to midterm problems.