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The Snowpocalypse Strikes

Learning has occurred!

Normally snow in Boise is no big deal.  It’s rare to even shovel, because the couple of inches we may get never stick around longer then a week.  What does Burt Gummer say?

Natural Disasters and Preparedness | Crossroads: The Up From the ...

So we started to get snow, and it didn’t thaw and the snow didn’t stop.  14″ later we’re due for a week of rain and some thawing and refreezing.  As part of this there are prognostications of power outages and flooding.

Up until now, what went right?

  • I’ve had all my neighbors contact information prior.  I know who folks are, and folks know me going into this.
  • Fitness levels are good.  I’ve shoveled not just my drive and sidewalks, but more then a few others.  You can’t just sit by and watch a 60 year old man try to clear his walkway.  The same goes with pushing cars.
  • Provisions are good.  We’re good to not go anywhere.  That being said, we’ve capitalized on windows of good weather to go stock up (mostly beer.)

What can be better?

  • All that house gear that I never got because it never gets that cold…  It’s on the docket now.  (See the Gummer quote above.)  Silcock and vent plugs.  A good quality snow shovel.  My current plastic shovel is doing great work – but should it break I would be in the hurt locker.  Sure I could borrow a neighbors, but two is one and one is none and all that.
  • Clothing.  I am two minutes away from a hot shower an shelter – and that affords me to be sloppy with my clothing.  The gear goal here is to be outside, all day through work and rest cycles and be comfortable in 0* weather + rain.
  • Vehicles.  Our little commuter car is a no go at the moment.  The truck is only an option once everything gets packed down – and only then because of clearance.  AWD wasn’t even on the radar (I’ll never need it!) .  I got a tow strap and come-along, but didn’t get chains.  The wife is up next for a new vehicle and she’s getting an AWD, with chains and all the foul weather fixins.  The current truck will finish getting geared up.
  • A Generator and grid isolation switch.  A generator has been on the radar for a while.  If it saves the freezer once it’s paid for itself.  Current concerns regarding power outages has the wife looking at generators now too – this makes it a much easier sell.
  • Roofing and gutters.  Too easy not to clean them in the fall.  I’m not sure how much grief this is going to cause as things thaw – but we’ll see!

Actions for next time?

  • Clear snow all around the house, and keep it up.  Think two moves ahead.  A friend wasn’t keeping up with their snow.  Then the news does the thinking on our behalf and flooding is suddenly a concern.  Now it’s time to have a snowclearing and sandbagging party.  Live and learn, I’m betting this mistake won’t be made again.
  • Stock more beer.
  • Stretch and roll after shoveling.

2017 Goals and Gear

So what’s on the list for 2017?

“Lets Go Champ”


Super Hero Maintenance – My KB game by mid 2016 was pretty strong.  Switching gears towards Olympic lifts has provided another data point towards the fact the best way to get stupid strong is to lift heavy weights.  Body transformation continues.  I’ve already exceeded a body weight deadlift.  By the end of 2017 I should be doing body weight squats and be close to or at body weight power cleans.

-as an aside, this means the pistol squat may be a real thing for me-

Cardio wise, always room for improvement.  I will return to my twice a week in the spring.  I will hit one LSD during the winter.

Radio Stuff – CW is so close.  I’m close to forcing some poor bastard to plot along with me on a QSO while I use the MICKEY option on the 857.

SOTA/Camp more.  I have a compromise solution for my WTH antenna.  I need to be faster to get out to the high ground, hoist some wire and make those contacts.  It was only on the last day of the Rte 66 party that I decided to get out.  This year the Radio Go-Bag needs to be on stand by and ready to go.  I have the PV and PV Box ready to go.

Get more engaged in local politics.   Nothing fancy.  I’m not running for office or any of that.  But, before I get all torqued up at national shit that I have very, very little control over I need to be a better citizen in my own local area.

Find another job.  Yes, this was on last years list.  I thought things were going to be better but I was mistaken.  Same corporate dance, new puppet masters.

Shoot more.  I need to get out once a month and shoot. I managed November.  December isn’t happening due to time and laughable weather.  2017, out once a month.  Get back to recordable metrics.


First and foremost is some budget juggling to support my weightlifting habit.

Plates and Squat Rack. I’m borrowing plates from a friend, same guy has lent me a scope that’s been on a rifle for a year.  I need to either pay him for these plates or buy my own.  Squat rack is the same thing, the garage is going to be all mine soon (wife’s planned car purchase in 2017 won’t fit) and so I can get a proper squat rack – this should coincide with me beating out the 300lb rating on the current rack.

Radio Gear.  CW paddle, I also need some 50′ runs of coax, and the necessary widgets to make antennas.  I could also do with a soft solar panel good enough to do 1amp/hour in full value sun.

Hunting License. This is a dual gear/skill thing.  I have to get a license for this state – my old states Hunters Ed isn’t good enough to qualify.

Low Pro/Mod Threat Belt.  I anticipate there may be a need for more then the standard CCW load out (Gun+Reload) but not quite Mad Max (rifle+rig+plates).  Could you throw a jacket over your IPSC rig and be ‘concealed’?  Something about like that.