Monthly Archives: February 2017

Snowpocalypse 2 – The Long Winter

We had one of those horrible twists of fate the day after my last post.  I was out shoveling snow and keeping the gutters clear for what was supposed to be an epic thaw when the wife hangs her head out the door – “The internet isn’t working.”  I asked her to check for dial tone and to check with the neighbors.  Sure enough, no dial tone.

Just shy of four weeks later, I’m back!  What’d we do in the mean time?  Well, any call to the telephone company was an exercise in frustration that would last no less then 30 minutes, so that soaked up some time.  We picked up an antenna to watch “over the air” TV – which was really kind of enjoyable.  I practiced a lot of CW, and every chance we got, we went out somewhere with wifi.  It was a heck of a thing.

Overall, though, not bad.  Getting off the hampster wheel of internet-consumption had some benefits.  There were some other events, that I won’t go into, that presented their own challenges – company layoffs, burglary and the like.  All in all, a pretty rough January and a shaky start to the new year.