Monthly Archives: April 2017

The touch and go.

The work situation is in a pretty poor place.  Everything else is AWESOME!

In the radio game, I am understanding the short comings of my setup and working around within it.  NVIS modelling seems to be well.  Articles for this month are half written up to be posted later.  Digital stuff is working well, learning is occurring.

Fitness-wise things are cool.  E is back, and we figured his 1 rep-max, and have built out a schedule.  I’m hitting my deload week so we are in sync for doing lighter-weight, form-centric , high rep work.  My cardio still isn’t great (best it’s been in years), but it gets hit twice a week at least.

On the gun side of the house, not a lot going on.  Later this year, this may change.  It would not be a bad thing.  It’s just a time/cost/will equation that hasn’t worked out in favor of getting out to the range.