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2014-04-07: Get Awesome, Rage Hard, Break Things

Chicks are out in the coop.  Exercise has been steady, DF maybe a bit sporadic.  I fabricated a  quick-cuff-style sling for the 22.  I’m still digging the adjustable two point on the AR’s.  Spent a while programming my HAM manually – getting the reps in so I can remember to how to operate it.  Some day this summer I’ll cram for the test and take it.  Garden has been started.


Unexpected range trip on Tuesday.  Ran a G19 with stippling.  Primarily I was instructing a new shooter and maintaining range safety, but I did have a chance to get a few runs in.  Bill Drill @ 3:07 (-1).  FASTs at 6.89 (-3) and 6.42 (-1) –  Missed the index card.  I was focused on shooting as fast as I could, and not about shooting accurately enough.  The lesson of the day is I think one range trip a month is the minimum to maintain proficiency if supplemented with dryfire.  New Goal for 2014 is to migrate away from rifle hs/ld and refocus on the pistol.



2014-03-30 Spring! (ish)

Getting my HAM squared away (programmed and labelled).  Moved up to a 50lb KB.  Chickens continue to chicken.  Updates are sparse – mostly same ‘ol, same ‘ol.

04-24-2014 Always forward.

Stilling pulling a lot of weight.  Fight club on Monday (Thanks Abe and George!)   Dry fire has been very regular.  In just two weeks I’ve seen my strong hand only work improve.

The latest Dry-Fire routine is Paul Sharp’s super simple basic set – From ready gun 10 reps SHO, 10 reps WHO.  From concealment 10 reps SHO, 10 reps WHO.  There’s no reloading, no movement – so yeah, there are some gaps.  On the upside is it takes 5 minutes to run though.  If I’m not wearing pants (heh) I’ll do the concealment reps starting at the traditional #2 position.

One of the hidden strengths of this simple routine is it gets you into motion.  After my 40, if I still have slack time I’ll work reloads and movement.  It’s a lot more likely that I’ll take the 5 minutes to run through the set and then take another five to work on reloads then it is that I’ll block ten minutes off.

Chicks this weekend.  They’re keeping the cat occupied and tweeting happily in the office.

2014-02-09 Weekly Update

This week was decent.  I committed to exercise and dry-fire all week, ended up  executing 4/7 days.  Fight club on Friday night was good but light.  Daily success is measured by a clean kitchen and prepped lunches.  The diet is more miss then hit at this point.  As always, staying focused and on track is challenging.  I prepped the chick brooder for it’s new guests – they will arrive in the next week or so.

I proto-type my knives using kydex and turned out a few this weekend for touchy-feely inspection.  Nothing passed muster.  Also started down the custom Glock path.  Articles regarding that coming soon.

2014-01-12 Running the belt from one end to the other…

2014 is rocking into its second full week. I’ve been doing a mix of LSD cardio, tabata and circuit training. On the prep front I’ve begun testing some mylar bag storage. First range trip of 2014 was a cold one, but the weather was still good. Rifle Zero’s verified and one FAST failed.

Many more to come.

2014-01-29 One good turn…

On the upside, weight loss and fitness goals are doing well.  Using carbs as my primary indicator until I stall out and then I’ll re-examine my nutrition.  Fight club this Sunday went well – more work from the clinch.  Getting into it, getting out of it both at an advantage and as a reset to equal initiative.  Primarily I was happy I could keep up with E – who’s been responsible for a great deal of positive peer pressure.  On Monday I was sore – always a sign of progress.

The wife suffered a mobility restricting injury that should be healed by late spring – not as nasty as it could have been but still unexpected.  The full weight of household chores has been shifted to my back and it’s a challenge to keep the ship on course.  It’s frustrating for her to be mentally all there, but physically unable to assist.  One of the larger challenges I face is tempering her Vicodin fueled mobility.

Ninja stuff:  May try running a tk4 in the pocket FAK.  One handed application of the SWAT-T is challenging in good conditions.  Will attempt to tune magazine releases on the pistols.  It’s a low cost activity that could pay dividends in retaining a master grip during magazine changes.  There will be some gun science there.  Will begin working towards another batch of knives soon.  T&E’d mylar bag storage.  Seems a straight forward and low overhead method.  Not as robust as dry canning, but without the logistics of LDS interaction.

Enjoying Winter, ended up stuck on a mountain road for 4 hours with a few hundred other people.  Car kits worked well.  May look at a camp-stove style solution for boiling water – it would have been worth it if  I had been stuck for two more hours.  When traveling with multiple vehicles bring comms – even if it’s not expected to be needed.  Always have a book handy to mitigate boredom.

Good news on the home front is that financial resources should have more slack in them for 2014.

YIR 2013

In a nutshell, I got fat and I got lazy.

The BEST of 2013:

FAST – 5.72
Bill Drill -2.99

IDPA Classifier Marksman, SSP!

That’s right, I packed on 40 some seconds to my Classifier score.  Three things,  I didn’t dry fire enough, I didn’t live fire enough (4 range trips in 2013) and I got lazy.  That last range trip was the same one we ran the classifier.  I shot no clean Bills or FASTs.  It might have been an off day – but performance on demand is one of those traits I very much appreciate.  Shooting is very much a perishable skill and it doesn’t require so much upkeep as to be inconvenient.

For my 13 in 13 I had listed:

  1. Ham Tech License
  2. GSW 1st Aid training
  3. Physical Fitness (Cont.)
  4. Long Range Marksmanship
  5. Reloading
  6. Orienteering
  7. Cleaning and butchering game (Chickens, I’m looking at you.)
  8. Deer Hunting
  9. Sewing
  10. Joinery and Finish Carpentry
  11. Playing the Harmonica
  12. Playing Pathfinder (the Wife is making me, honest.)
  13. Fermentation and Cheese Making.

Of which I accomplished… nothing.  Now – I did do some carpentry, but no joinery and nothing coming close to “finish.”  A lot of rough, but functional stuff got done.  I also flirted with fermentation and canning, mostly helping the wife.  Some things not on the list:

Knife making.  This activity stole my heart and attention, and it’s a skill I’m going to continue to develop.  There will be some posts in 2014 about the progression of knife design I’ve gone through.

I’ve replaced switches and outlets – standard home owner fare.  This year I also changed an electrical breaker.  Not a huge thing, but one of those tasks that I feel accomplished for having done.

The pocket FAK was carried every day I wore pants.  It does take up an entire pocket.  Amazon has listings for Z-fold Combat Gauze that isn’t $80 – so I’m going to jump on that wagon and see how a slimmed down FAK does.  I did take the time to re-familiarize myself with SWAT-T, CAT-T, TK4 and the Israeli Bandage.

Goals for 2014?

Raise up another batch of Chickens.  (There will be a story on that in late February.)

Get down to 200lbs.  210 and might be more reasonable, but I might as well shoot for the moon.

Break 5 seconds on a FAST.

Classify Expert in the IDPA Classifier.

Get harder, better, faster, stronger.

Extend food and water stores.

Yeah, I’m still here. 2013-07-07

It’s been a rough few months.  Nothing exceptionally bad other than 8 hours a day spend doing work I cannot stand.  Instead or self improvement, I’ve spent my time doing nothing worthwhile other than providing momentary satisfaction.  That’s not entirely true – I’ve started making my own knives.  Once I get my personal shit squared away we’ll be back to full time posting.  In the mean time:

Weekend Catchup 2013-04-04

No update last week – my head hasn’t really been in the game lately.  I’ve been running maybe twice a week and knocking out a few sets with the kettlebell every few days.  DF has been minimal – mostly just working on the press out with the pistol.

This weekend we built garden boxes.  We were talking more 4×2′ boxes, but when I did the math I figured 4×3′.  We have some lumber left over, so a few more boxes will get made.  E and I also made some plate stands/rifle holders.  Lesson learned – any beer open when the router is running will be ruined by saw dust.  This was the first time I hadn’t done rough wood work – faces were sanded, edges bevelled and a legitimate effort towards being visually appealing.  It was even stained.  In the end, every little imperfection stands out – but they are functional.  I’ll may redo the top piece – I sweat it was level when it was put together:


Update 2013-04-10

Squared up the vertical post and added a new top piece:


Weekend Catchup 2013-03-22

Not a lot to say.  I’ve been slowly ramping up my jogging.  The heavy bag’s taken a back seat, I still drill on it, but I’m not necessarily going the duration I was in winter.  Alternating longer jogs and dryfire with shorter jogs and swings.  There’s a lot of other work to get done as well.  Garlic is coming up nicely, as are the tulips.  There’s a half dozen garden boxes to be made, soil to be mixed for them and a green house to be put up.  This is on top of the general yard maintenance, planting and house stuff.