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2014-04-07: Get Awesome, Rage Hard, Break Things

Chicks are out in the coop.  Exercise has been steady, DF maybe a bit sporadic.  I fabricated a  quick-cuff-style sling for the 22.  I’m still digging the adjustable two point on the AR’s.  Spent a while programming my HAM manually – getting the reps in so I can remember to how to operate it.  Some day this summer I’ll cram for the test and take it.  Garden has been started.


Unexpected range trip on Tuesday.  Ran a G19 with stippling.  Primarily I was instructing a new shooter and maintaining range safety, but I did have a chance to get a few runs in.  Bill Drill @ 3:07 (-1).  FASTs at 6.89 (-3) and 6.42 (-1) –  Missed the index card.  I was focused on shooting as fast as I could, and not about shooting accurately enough.  The lesson of the day is I think one range trip a month is the minimum to maintain proficiency if supplemented with dryfire.  New Goal for 2014 is to migrate away from rifle hs/ld and refocus on the pistol.



Yeah, I’m still here. 2013-07-07

It’s been a rough few months.  Nothing exceptionally bad other than 8 hours a day spend doing work I cannot stand.  Instead or self improvement, I’ve spent my time doing nothing worthwhile other than providing momentary satisfaction.  That’s not entirely true – I’ve started making my own knives.  Once I get my personal shit squared away we’ll be back to full time posting.  In the mean time:

Weekly Catchup 2013-03-8

A mixed range trip this weekend.  Zeroed the 22.  It’s a great little 50 yard tack driver.  Time to explore the effects of windage and drop on 22lr and reap the benefits of a cheap practice.  Pistol work was minimal, turned in a flat 6 on the FAST.  For some additional fun we gathered a few other metrics – I averaged a 6.75 on the 40y sprint and a 7′ 2″ broad jump.  Gravel isn’t the best thing to be jumping and running on, but it was good enough.  Then the rifles came out.  I had done some tactical dress-up work on my rifle, and wanted to re-verify my zero.

There is no knob on a rifle that makes you a better shooter.

I couldn’t group for shit.  E was able to confirm that the problem was with the indian and not the bow.  Eventually I eked out something resembling a group and zeroed and then confirmed it.  Flinch was absolutely the problem.  Likewise, when the mental switch was thrown and I knew I had an empty chamber I was as rock solid as I am on my dry-fire.  Doubling up the earpro and ball/dummy drill is on tap for the next range visit.  I have to work this nonsense out of my system.

As mentioned 2/22, I was fixing to get a new job, last week I was passed over.  Again.  I wasn’t as upset as I could have been – probably all that negative self-talk softening the blow.  The cat tree was the highlight of my week.  I spent a lot of time in the garage burning energy.  A tired, angry, sloppy hook gave me a sharp reminder that punches are serious business and need to be executed properly to protect the wrist and fingers.

I gladly trade an hour of sleep on Sunday for more light in the day.  I think it’s time to get back to jogging.


Weekly Catchup 2013-02-11

Range day!

E and I went out on Monday for the first time in a few months.  Zeroed 22’s and verified AR zeros.  After that we did some pistol work.  High points of the day were 2.99 Bill Drill and a 5.72 FAST – neither was the “cold” run.  These scores came after setting myself up for success – the extra jacket came off and all the range crap (spare mags, tape, etc) came out of my sweaters kangaroo pocket.  Unencumbered I was able to put “Summer Time” scores in the book.  After that we put on plates and ran some simple movement drills with the ARs.

Exercise for the week saw extended heavy bag sessions and a focus on the kettlebell snatch.  I need to start moderating my diet – I am getting fat.  On the home front, the cat got the first part of her cat condo built and the wife got a soil-blocker.  Both were fun projects while we had some awesome weather.  More snow expected this week.


Winter Patrol Shoot 2012

Weather:  40*, Light precipitation, no wind.

Gear:  Ghetto plate carrier, chest rig, sling, drop leg holster, two pistol belt pouches, one rifle belt pouch, dump pouch, AR15 and Glock.  Mechanix gloves, low cut boots, “performance” base layer, flannel shirt, sweater, surplus rain shell.

Team:  Pick up squad, so there’s some SOP issues.  Everyone ran their gear well, had good muzzle awareness and at the end of the day our smiles were just as big as anyone else.

6 ar mags; 168 rounds of .223, 121 rounds expended.  4 pistol mags; 60 rounds 9mm, 17 used.  You never know how much ammo you’re going to need and honestly this two mags shy of my maximum carriage ability.

Things to change/mind:

Mechanix gloves, not the best for rappelling.  Clothing worked well – I was never cold, and didn’t run too hot.  Next time I’ll probably layer under my PC instead of over it, opting for a soft shell.  Glasses did fog at one point, but thems the breaks.  Mark your mags – I lost a mag doing resets and it was returned to me by end of day.  Protip: load your mags before you get to the shoot.

I didn’t get video of the tower shooting and the rappel – which was probably my best rappel yet.  Here’s the full-kit practice run from the day before.

Here’s the video of the shoot.

Gear porn:

Weekend Catch Up 2012-11-09

For the most part, I was lazy this weekend.:

Got the chicken waterer squared away for winter.  I think I might do a little bit more later – but for now it should keep their water from freezing.

Spray painting my sling didn’t work out so well.  It was good and saturated when I left it to dry, when I returned it looked like it took a light dusting and that was it.

252 on Hackathorn Standards.  The wheels came off once we got past 15 yards.  Ran a whole bunch of failed FAST drills.

Past that, cleaned up the house and drank beer.

Range Trip 2012-10-14

E and I went out to the range.  We’re getting in all the shooting we can before the weather turns sour.  First up was the IDPA Classifier:

Stage Time Stage Time Stage Time
1.1 2.96 2.1 4.62 3.1 19.04
1.2 2.66 2.2 4.26 3.2 19.73
1.3 2.64 2.3 10.25 3.3 7.12
1.4 5.15 2.4 6.84
1.5 3.44
1.6 7.15
1.7 6.35
t1 3 t1 2 t1 3
t2 1 t2 3 t2 4
t3 2 t3 1 t3 8
Raw Time 30.35 25.97 45.89
Points 6 6 15
Final 33.35 28.97 53.39
Total 115.71

Some immediate obvious observations.  I didn’t shoot fast enough to make it to master.  I felt good with my level of accuracy – today turned out to be a very accurate, but very slow day.  Looking at previous runs, it’s still down to stage 3.  I need to be twice as fast and just as accurate.  All of that being said – I don’t sweat trying to make Master.  It will  come in it’s good time.
We went right from the IDPA Classifier to the regular Standards.

I did 41 points/87.68.  8.4 FAST, 3.12 Bill Drill.  For some reason I wasn’t dialed in for speed today, but I hit everything I aimed at.  E will crunch the numbers on this and provide a thorough assessment.

After that, we verified zeros on our rifles and, like masochists, ran the Defoor Proformance Carbine Standard 2.  I failed the first one on time.  Too much time dicking around at the 100 yard line.  The second and third run I passed.  The fourth run was done weak side but the gas tank was empty – failed on both time and accuracy.  Time for some more weak side love.

After that amazing effort we ran the tests comparing the Forward vs. Mid Mount on an RDS.  More information will be posted later this week regarding that topic.

Last up for the day was a little target discrimination drill.  6 or so index cards per target, each with a letter, number and shape on the.  When given a target, the shooter would turn down range, mount his gun and search out his targets.  It’s fun, and doesn’t take long to set up.  Next time we’re going to throw in a little more action – maybe some movement, weapon manipulation, etc.