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Weekend Catch Up 2012-11-02

It seems like Friday could end fast enough, and already here we are on the verge of a Monday.  What got done:
New chicken fence put up.

Cleaned both cars, and the garage.

Made up my mind for my vote.

Performed some magazine maintenance, remarked etc.

Rebuilt my kydex press, made a knife sheath.

Cat update – went to the vet Saturday morning, they identified a probably puncture wound.  Antibiotics and anti-inflammatories were proscribed.  12 hours later the cats back to jumpin on laps.  She’s still not 100% but it’s quite a morale boost.

It’s going to be a busy week.


Daily Log 2012-11-02

Jogged a mile.

Worked rifle positions in full kit.

Dry-fired pistol standards twice.

The cat’s right rear leg is swollen.  We’re going to the vet tomorrow.  I’m upset I didn’t notice this earlier.

Plans for this weekend:

Rebuild kydex press.
Start leather working projects for Christmas.
Begin studying for Ham Tech.

Daily Log 2012-10-30

You remember how I said I would run?  I meant to say nap.  After the nap I felt guilty.

Heavy bag, jump rope, kettlebell.

Worked on IFAK logistics.

The cat continues to improve and ate a lot today.

Weekend Catch Up+ 2012-10-25

It’s been a heck of a last few days.

Normally the cat hears the garage door when I come home, and shows up.  If she’s out and about, and either the back or front door opens, she’ll come trotting in.  Thursday night, we she was nowhere to be found.  I kept an ear open for her as I went about my chores, and so did the wife.  At dusk, we’re both starting to get worried.  At 9 o’clock, I walk the back yard and find her under the shed.

The wife brings out a warm plate of wet food, and the cat’s not interested.  Laser pointer?  Na-uh.  So right then, we know there’s a problem.  I start digging under the shed, she was about arms length and I could almost reach her.  Then she moved.  So I start digging again, she does the same thing.  We can’t poke her or prod her to our advantage.  I set the wife to sliding rood under the shed to steal space and reduce the cats area of motion.  While she’s doing this I start emptying the shed.  We have three options:

  1. Jack the shed up.
  2. Cut through the shed floor.
  3. Light the shed on fire.

Option 2 was ruled out – the cat would just continue to skulk out of reach until I had removed the entire floor.  It was also late, and I’m sure power tool usage would of been frowned upon by the neighbors.  Option 3 is always on the table, but the wife complained about the danger (she never complains about the adventure.)  So, Option 1 was green lit.  We grabbed an auto jack, all the spare lumber and paving stones we could muster and set to work.

At the earliest window of opportunity (“Stick swatting height”) I was unable to locate the cat.  Impossible!  I look high, low, under the shed, near the shed, amongst the contents of the shed and come up empty.  My wife finds the cat inside the house (the door was left open at some point) bunkered down under a table.  Her fur is matted with blood.  Lots of blood.  We pick her up and move her into the bathroom.  At this point, the Misses has already located an emergency vet and is adamant that we take the cat there now.  We aren’t waiting until morning, I’m not allowed to practice amateur surgery, we’re going now…

…And so we go.  On the way there we set a hard limit of $600 for care.  After a quick assessment, their recommendation is $1200.  The minimum diagnostics are $200 – what amounts to baseline exterior wound care.  We go with that option.  X-Rays and FAST are really great – but we aren’t in a position to afford the results.  It’s now 1am, I’m muddy and wet, the wife is stressed and it’s time to hurry up and wait.  I take her home, put the stuff I can’t afford to get wet back into the shed and go back to the vet.  They find no exterior wounds, at least two broken ribs and flail chest.  Somehow she must of beat the fuck out of something, and then been crushed.

She’s been living under the desk for the last two days.  She eats and drinks sparingly, but still loves her chin scritches and is bright eyed.  There’s no reason to expect she won’t pull through, but at the same time there’s the possibility of internal injuries, pneumothorax etc.  We continue to monitor her as best we can.
Charity 5k on Saturday morning, my mind was elsewhere, but I finished it.

Saturday afternoon was spent cleaning the house and putting the shed back in order.

I’ll update this post on Sunday night – I just wanted to get some activity.


The cat continues to improve, being responsive and increasingly cat like.  She still has a ways to go, but I am hopeful.

Sunday was spent helping catch up around the house.