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2014-01-29 One good turn…

On the upside, weight loss and fitness goals are doing well.  Using carbs as my primary indicator until I stall out and then I’ll re-examine my nutrition.  Fight club this Sunday went well – more work from the clinch.  Getting into it, getting out of it both at an advantage and as a reset to equal initiative.  Primarily I was happy I could keep up with E – who’s been responsible for a great deal of positive peer pressure.  On Monday I was sore – always a sign of progress.

The wife suffered a mobility restricting injury that should be healed by late spring – not as nasty as it could have been but still unexpected.  The full weight of household chores has been shifted to my back and it’s a challenge to keep the ship on course.  It’s frustrating for her to be mentally all there, but physically unable to assist.  One of the larger challenges I face is tempering her Vicodin fueled mobility.

Ninja stuff:  May try running a tk4 in the pocket FAK.  One handed application of the SWAT-T is challenging in good conditions.  Will attempt to tune magazine releases on the pistols.  It’s a low cost activity that could pay dividends in retaining a master grip during magazine changes.  There will be some gun science there.  Will begin working towards another batch of knives soon.  T&E’d mylar bag storage.  Seems a straight forward and low overhead method.  Not as robust as dry canning, but without the logistics of LDS interaction.

Enjoying Winter, ended up stuck on a mountain road for 4 hours with a few hundred other people.  Car kits worked well.  May look at a camp-stove style solution for boiling water – it would have been worth it if  I had been stuck for two more hours.  When traveling with multiple vehicles bring comms – even if it’s not expected to be needed.  Always have a book handy to mitigate boredom.

Good news on the home front is that financial resources should have more slack in them for 2014.


Pocket FAK

Z-Fold Gauze, 25g Quick Clot ACS, 1 SWAT-T.  Food-saver packed, pre-cut and tagged for easy opening.  Quick Clot expiration date visible in the packaging:


Works in jeans pocket, I’ll try it in work clothes tomorrow.  Thanks to Ian and Morgan for the inspiration.



Daily Log 2012-10-30

You remember how I said I would run?  I meant to say nap.  After the nap I felt guilty.

Heavy bag, jump rope, kettlebell.

Worked on IFAK logistics.

The cat continues to improve and ate a lot today.